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In depth details of Substitution and Imputation 

Substitution and Imputation are two foundational principles and practical aspects of your Christian walk.

        Clear explanations of the vital reason and importance of each is below. Unless you understand the reasons God has enacted both concepts, you will not incorporate, implement or “utilize” them in your faith walk with the Lord God Almighty, and your walk will be less effective for yourself and the Kingdom of God. There is great power in understanding the reason God has done these things.  

                        Taking it step by step - 

1-     God is Holy. That means that God is separate and distinct from all of His creation, including people. 

2-     God gave each person free will. Freedom to choose how to act, think, speak, feel, etc. people’s freewill can be read about in The Big Picture 

3-     Mankind is in a negative condition, with conditions continuing to decline or atrophy. The condition of mankind can be viewed at World Violence .

4-     God’s solution for man’s self destruction is to personally rescue every individual person. These links show why and how: Atonement and Being reconciled .

5-     The Sovereign God made a unchangeable choice to have people come to Him. While God is never needy, He IS Love and just, so He made a way for each person to approach Him and be His child. God requires a holy and blameless “shedding of blood” sacrifice. Read about it at: God requires a Specific Atonement  and The Required Atonement.    

If you are already familiar with these Biblical concepts, please continue in reading the explanation of Substitution and Imputation.      HY  HY   


Why and How does – 

God have Jesus take my punishment? 

God have Jesus take all of my sin upon Himself? 

God take remove and forget all of my sin? 

God give me all of Jesus’ righteousness? 

Here are the detailed Biblical Why’s and How’s – 

1- Every one of us has done wrong things, Sin.             2- The Lord God Almighty is a Just God. God needs justice to be made of offenses.      3- Atonement means the act of being reconciled.                4- God requires a specific Atonement.             5- The Required Atonement.              6- The Atonement does three things.               7- Will you take the Atonement for your own sins?         8- Consequences of your decision.             9. The Atonement provides blessings!


        To see a Verbal~Visual of the concepts of Substitution and Imputation click a Verbal~Visual.

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